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Ramshackle Glory | Never Coming Home (Song for the Guilty)

i’m coming home, it’s late again, i’m high as I’ve ever been

you’re sitting up, you’re in our bed, crying for a ghost again

no room could be as dark or as empty as ours is

because i’m at home but I’m not here,

and i never am.

We use nihilism as a description for a proper attitude or stance taken up in relation to the world. What we reject as inappropriate to the present moment is belief, which is a mental attitudes that places an affinity for images above life experience. Nihilism reallocates the importance of belief, and the function of ideas in the world generally. For the individual nothing is more important to it than the question of its existence, which must be decided at every moment by combining circumstances with consideration, but at the same time it is important to note that this urgency is lived entirely at the level of experience and cannot impact on the system that has given rise to it. In place of belief we assert the primacy of the senses arranged about a critical attitude. Therefore, while we are strategic communists with reference to the future and its commencement in. the breakdown of capitalism, we are for the present, tactical nihilists. This gives us the freedom not to be misled by all the solutions to social conflict that are currently generated by the capitalist base. Nihilism is an armour that protects us from credulity and the complicity of the bad faith pro-revolutionary movement.
Monsieur Dupont, Nihilist Communism (via catalytic-chamber)
Streetlight Manifesto - A Better Place, A Better Time
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You don’t owe anything to anyone


Thomas Lamadieu

[Luther] says in his booklet on commerce that the princes should make common cause with thieves and robbers. But in this same writing he is silent about the source of all theft … Behold, the basic source of usury, theft, and robbery is our lords and princes, who take all creatures for their private property. The fish in the water, the birds in the air, the animals of the arth must all be their property, Isaiah 5[:8]. And then they let God’s commandment go forth among the poor and they say, “God has commanded, ‘Thou shalt not steal’.” But this commandment does not apply to them since they oppress all men — the poor peasant, the artisan, and all who live are flayed and sheared, Micah 3[:2f]. But, as soon as anyone steals the smallest thing, he must hang. And to this Doctor Liar [Luther] says, “Amen.” The lords themselves are responsible for making the poor people their enemy. They do not want to remove the cause of insurrection, so how, in the long run, can things improve? I say this openly, so Luther asserts I must be rebellious. So be it!
Thomas Müntzer, Highly provoked defense and answer to the spiritless, soft-living flesh at Wittenberg, who has most lamentably befouled pitiable Christianity in a perverted way by his theft of holy Scripture (via taylorswifthecreator)

"hey check it out new pope"- Thomas Muntzer


"hey check it out new pope"- Thomas Muntzer

Paul Baribeau - Strawberry
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To say that you are pretty would be like saying that the ocean is blue, cause the ocean is filled with all kinds of colors and I see all kinds of things when I look at you.

Paul Baribeau - Strawberry